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When in need of legal advice, we are the law team you want on your side. Let us set you on the path to overcome any legal matter you are faced with. 

We Don't Get Paid Unless We Win!


Motor vehicle accident  / Slip and Falls​ / Impaired Driving  ​/  Domestic Assaults  ​/ Drug Possession  / Dog Bites / WSIB / CPP Disability Claims.



 Established in 1995 by Rodolfo Higuera (Licensed Paralegal & Notary Public) - Offering legal services in English and Spanish. 

 Higuera Legal has now over 25 years of specialized legal experience in accident benefit claims (First party claim injuries), slip and falls, landlord and tenant, WSIB, CPP disability claims, small claims court, impaired driving, dog bites, drug possession and domestic assaults. 
 Higuera Legal continues to grow along with the demand for a reputable legal representative in both the English and Spanish speaking communities in Ontario. Higuera Legal has been working with the top recognized injury lawyers and has gained a high reputation by providing outstanding results for over 25 years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

 Rodolfo Higuera (Founder of Higuera Legal) has been offering FREE consultations to anyone in need of professional legal advice and/or guidance, and proudly stands behind the "We don't get paid unless we win" policy. 

When in need of legal advice and/or representation, look no further and allow the Higuera Legal team to help you overcome any legal matter you are faced with. The Higuera team looks forward to working with you and remember "We don't get paid unless we win".

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